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Fowler’s Pure Texas Honey – Raw honey straight from the hive to the bottle.

All sizes of Fowler's Pure Texas Honey and Cream Honey

Have you ever tried raw, unpasteurized honey with ZERO additives?  Our pure Texan honey is simply delicious.


Our family has been gathering honey from our hives outside La Vernia, Texas for over 30 years and our process has always been the same- bottle the honey straight from the hive.


We never add fillers like most of the brands you find at the store – Our honey is the real deal.


Most importantly, whether you buy our raw honey in liquid or cream form, its simple goodness is untouched so you get all the tasty health benefits too- just as nature intended.

Fowler's Pure Texas Honey

Our honey bees find their nectar in the South Texas brush country.


The color of our raw honey varies from a light, golden amber to a rich, deeper shade of amber, depending on the source of the nectar the honeybees feed upon (mainly Huajilla and Mesquite bushes).


It’s perfect for adding to sweet or savory sauces-  add a tablespoon of our honey to BBQ sauce and smother it over wings or chicken.  From stirring some into your tea to adding it to your baking for a natural sweetener, our raw honey adds a rich flavor to everything.


Take a step back into your childhood by dipping strawberries in our cream honey, spreading it with cinnamon and hot butter over fresh tortillas or drizzling it over churros.

You can learn more about our raw unpasteurized honey by checking out our blog or visiting our frequently asked questions page.

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Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey


Raw honey in spreadable form- our family’s secret recipe.

Fowler's Texas Cream Honey

It took years of testing to get this recipe just right.


Cream honey is still honey, but it’s spun into an unbelievably delicious, butter-like spread.


Once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back.


Your taste buds will cry out for this scrumptious treat to be put on just about everything.

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Mom Checking on the Hives

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