Cream Honey on Biscuits and English Muffins


Toast or grill your biscuit or English muffin

Spread with cream honey

If you love jelly, add the jelly you love OR for a lower calorie option, dice up strawberries (around 4 medium size berries or a 1/4 cup of raspberries) and mix them into your cream honey before spreading.

The cream honey tastes great without butter or jelly but add them in if you like. 

Tip– I grill my English muffins in a sandwich maker.  Simply use butter spray on both sides of the grill.  For more of a buttery taste and zero calories, I spray butter spray on both sides of the English muffin as well.  I add cream honey for a perfect breakfast or evening snack.

Submitted by Gwen Fowler – Fowler Honey

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