Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey

Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey is a treat you’ll never forget.


It has the perfect texture and flavor to smear it on just about anything.


We whip our pure, raw honey into a smooth, creamy butter-like spread that you can put on anything needing a touch of sweetness. We speed up the natural crystallization process of honey that makes it turn almost white, but keeps all the nutritional benefits of its original amber-colored liquid state.


Cooking with cream honey is a breeze too! It’s so easy to get precise measurements. Cream honey can be used for any recipe that calls for honey.


Keep your cream honey in a cool place (65 – 70 degrees) to maintain its consistency.


If your cream honey gets too warm, it can go back to its original liquid state. If that happens, it’s still good to eat!

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