Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey – 10oz – Raw and Unfiltered


Love honey? You’re in for a real treat!


You ain’t tried honey ’til you’ve tried Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey.  Our raw, unfiltered honey is crystalized and whipped into a spread.


The process creates a smooth, thick and creamy honey. We don’t add anything to it.


It’s still raw honey in all its simple goodness, but prepared in such a way that it has a dreamy, rich consistency- kinda like butter.


Eat it by the spoonful, dip fruit in it, stir some into your tea or smear it over biscuits with a little cinnamon and butter.  Oh, my…you might want to buy more than one jar.


Our Texas Cream Honey is hand made in small batches and takes 7-10 days to cure. 


We keep as much in stock as possible. 


However, sometimes we run out and your order will be delayed as we make a new batch.  If this happens, we’ll let you know asap!


**Please note that honey is very heavy, so our shipping prices are weight-based shipping prices. Your price includes a 10% discount off of shipping and handling. If you have an order over 70lbs, please email for an accurate shipping cost.**


Fowler’s Texas Cream Honey comes in a 10oz glass jar.

Keep away from heat.  Store in a cool, dry place.

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Weight .625 lbs